A webcomic spreading awareness about polyamory + LGBTQA relationships in the most hilarious way possible



Character Polycule

Main Character Descriptions:
All comics and characters are somewhat based on reality (inspired by my own experiences, the experiences of friends, or comic idea submissions from fans). WARNING: Character descriptions below may include SPOILERS if you aren’t fully caught up with the comics!

Kimchi Tennessee is based on myself, although I like to think that I’m somewhat less neurotic and insecure. She’s kind of like Woody Allen, if Woody Allen had boobs and was into hula hooping. Her and her BuJew husband, Vajra, like the idea of finding someone to “settle down” with and form a polyfidelitous family. They have a daughter, Pumpkin.

Vajra is passionate and authentic, but not always patient with Kim’s random paranoia. He has an ex-wife, Mary, who Kimchi lovingly refers to as her ex-wife-in-law. He also has a teenager son with his ex-wife.

Lilly is interested in sustainable living and has spent a lot of time interning at Ecovillages and communal farms. This is where she discovered polyamory, and suddenly everything in her love-life made sense.

Amalthea didn’t seek out polyamory, but kept becoming the interest of poly couples looking for a “unicorn”. What she really wants is a committed relationship, but she’s enjoying a lot of what she’s discovering through her poly relationships. She is named after the Lady Amalthea from “The Last Unicorn” because I’m a huge dork.

Soliloquy is interested in having multiple partners but also needs a lot of personal space away from them. She also struggles with jealousy and the desire to control others’ actions.  She is currently single by choice.

Soliloquy’s ex-primary partner, Baxter, is outgoing and fun but often emotionally distant and has a tendency to get stuck in his head.  Possible Whovian.

Izzabeth and Marco were housemates. Marco is genderqueer and strongly identified as poly. Izzy would get annoyed by Marco’s loud and proud attitude about polyamory, and also didn’t understand why anyone would want multiple partners. She believed in the idea of just one “soulmate”. But after falling for Soliloquy, she decided that perhaps polyamory might not be such a crazy idea after all.  Izzy and Marco ended up becoming lovers, testing Izzy’s concepts of gender and lesbianism.

Crystal and Marco were in a quad with Baxter and Soliloquy but Soliloquy broke up with them. Crystal is a trans woman and Marco is genderqueer/genderfluid.

Luuk is a young, handsome, clever, charming, straight, cisgendered white dude with a business degree and a promising future. He wants to have a meaningful relationship but was lost in a loop of serial-monogamy because he kept dating women who worshiped him and he quickly became turned off by the power dynamic. After falling for Amalthea, he’s discovered what it feels like to be on the other end. He’s Vajra’s close friend.

Sherman is an eccentric and his interest in polyamory is often mostly political and cerebral. He’s named after Cindy Sherman. He is prone to obsession, and will lock himself in his room for weeks working on strange projects that might not make sense to anyone else. He doesn’t care if you don’t understand it.  He’s currently out of town getting his Masters degree.

Emma and Alex are new to parenthood AND polyamory. Emma realized polyamory and her bisexuality are important to her, after she was already married. Alex started out only being OK with the idea of sharing her with other women, but through practicing polyamory discovered surprising benefits and joys.

Sam E Runner and Vazna are a monogamous couple with a toddler named Bean. Bean is the best friend of Pumpkin (the toddler daughter of Kimchi and Vajra).

Dave is Kimchi’s high school sweetheart and first true love.

Nora is a solo poly badass.

Aziz and Tulsi are the parents of Popcorn and Sweetpea.  They were poly in the past but haven’t had many new relationships since becoming parents.

Ace is a romantic asexual.  He’s patient with the many people who want to get in his pants, but sometimes is sad that there aren’t more people interested in sharing deep heart connection without sex.

London and Kimchi share a heart connection and a 25 year age difference. He enjoys bloodless revolutions and breakfast tacos.

Otter and Lyndon have been partners for many years, but their relationship has transitioned to an asexual romantic partnership.  Otter is not asexual as an identity, and has other partners.

Padma and Vajra have shared a deep love for decades, and are kindred spirits. She is single now and exploring the possibility of deepening her connection to Vajra, despite now living far apart.